A country that cannot develop education has no future

Автор: Akimbaeva K. T.
We understand that the main task of the University is to prepare competitive, flexible, meeting the requirements of a changing environment, clear in the mind, i.e. highly qualified specialists of future periods, able to multiply the best sides of other countries and nationalities, and effectively use advanced technologies.

A country that cannot develop education has no future! It is necessary to train highly qualified specialists of a new generation who are able to adapt to changing socio-economic conditions. To do this, first of all, the quality of education is improved, compliance with international requirements for its assessment, the use of a new level of management and modern approaches in managing the team, ensuring international recognition of diplomas and compliance of educational programs with the programs of leading foreign educational institutions, creating the necessary conditions for recognizing the qualifications of University specialists abroad, as well as in foreign and joint organizations working in Kazakhstan.

Автор: Akimbaeva K. T.
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