Al-Farabi KazNU is a competitive University in the world market of education and science

Автор: Akimbaeva K. T.
The successful promotion of the University in the international ranking was facilitated by a comprehensive structural modernization carried out in accordance with modern requirements. Process management, a result-oriented management system, and labor rating have been implemented. Experimental educational programs that meet high international standards and have passed international accreditation have been developed and implemented, and research is actively being conducted. Every third Kazakhstani publication in foreign rating scientific journals is published by KazNU scientists.

Today, al-Farabi Kazakh national University is a major scientific, educational and innovative center that generates new knowledge, progressive ideas and technologies. The main guidelines for the University are the tasks set in the Address of the First President of the country: to enter the rating of the best universities in the world, to carry out innovative activities and implement the results of scientific research in production. The University is a modern world-class University, a leading scientific and methodological research center for the development of higher education in the Central Asian region.

Автор: Akimbaeva K. T.
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