Al-Farabi KazNU is the embodiment of all hopes for the future!

Автор: Akimbaeva K. T.
Today, Kazakhstan's universities face the main task-to provide quality education that meets the needs of the labor market. Thus, one of the most effective tools for quality assurance is the participation of Russian universities in national and world rankings, since the rating assessment of the role of universities as agents of skilled labor markets is very important for both society and consumers. Moreover, the annual rankings are used by universities for employment of graduates and obtaining educational grants. In the context of globalization, every University strives to be competitive. Even the most prestigious universities in the world do not allow themselves to rest on their laurels and rest on their laurels. On the contrary, the more successful a University is, the more it makes efforts to confirm its high rank.

In the modern world in all rankings is the leader of the Kazakh national University named after al-Farabi. And this is no accident, because al-Farabi KazNU is the leading multi-disciplinary higher education institution in Kazakhstan. The multi-level education system of KazNU includes: higher basic education (bachelor's degree), higher special education, master's degree, and doctoral studies (PhD). Admission to the Treasury is carried out on the basis of state educational grants and on a contractual basis.

Автор: Akimbaeva K. T.
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