Аудирование (английский язык) в формате ГИА - 5 класс

Автор: Овчарова Наталья Викторовна

Раздел 1. Аудирование

Раздел 1 (Аудирование) включает три вида заданий, из которых первое — на установление соответствия и два других — выбор одного правильного ответа из ряда предложенных. Внимательно прочитайте рекомендации к каждому виду заданий.

Задание №1

Рекомендации к выполнению

В задании №1 необходимо подобрать ответ на вопрос к текстам или диалогам, которые вы прослушаете дважды.

Перед прослушиванием внимательно прочитайте вопрос и те ответы, которые вам надо будет подобрать к прослушанным текстам. Постарайтесь представить, о чём пойдёт речь, какие слова, связанные с этими вопросами, вы можете услышать.

При прослушивании не волнуйтесь, если некоторые слова вам незнакомы или в первый раз вы что-то не поняли. Вам нужно понять общее содержание услышанного.

Подберите к каждому из текстов или диалогов (1-5) наиболее подходящий ответ (А-Е).

Перенесите ответы в таблицу. В верхней строчке проставлены номера текстов или диалогов. В нижней строчке необходимо указать букву соответствующего ответа.


1.1. Вы услышите 5 коротких текстов (1-5). Найдите их соответствие с вопросами (А-Е). Занесите свои ответы в таблицу. Вы услышите тексты дважды.

Which book tells about...?

A. Alice

B. Robinson Crusoe

C. Winnie-the-Pooh

D. Mowgli

E. Mary Poppins












    1. Вы услышите 5 коротких диалогов (1-5). Найдите их соответствие с вопросами (А-Е). Занесите свои ответы в таблицу. Вы услышите диалоги дважды.

Which dialogue takes place...?

A. at home

B. in the vet shop

C. in the restaurant

D. at school

E. at a language school











1.3. Вы услышите 5 коротких текстов (1-5). Найдите их соответствие с вопросами (А-Е). Занесите свои ответы в таблицу. Вы услышите тексты дважды.

Which of them...?

A. is fond of travelling

B. speaks about holidays

C. speaks about his hobby

D. wants to buy something

E. has got a new pet












    1. Вы услышите 5 коротких диалогов (1-5). Найдите их соответствие с вопросами (А-Е). Занесите свои ответы в таблицу. Вы услышите диалоги дважды.

When would the people have...?

A. chocolate rabbits

B. a new game

C. a card

D. a music CD and a video

E. a pumpkin pie












    1. Вы услышите 5 коротких диалогов (1-5). Найдите их соответствие с вопросами (А-Е). Занесите свои ответы в таблицу. Вы услышите диалоги дважды.

Which of them is...?

A. a housewife

B. a nurse

C. a teacher

D. a footballer

E. a photographer













Тексты для аудирования

Задание №1


Тест №1.1.

1. He is fat, funny, very friendly and he is always full of ideas. He has got many friends and he likes to visit them. He lives in the forest. He has a sweet tooth and he likes honey most of all.

2. He is clever, he is fond of nature. He is strong, athletic and very brave. He lives in the forest and he makes friends with animals. He is their true friend and they love him very much too. The animals often help him.

3. She is very nice and kind. She likes children and children like her. She is creative and full of imagination. She often tells wonderful stories. She likes to travel to wonderful lands. She is the best nurse in the world and she is famous for magic.

4. After a terrible storm he found himself alone on an island. He lived on this island for 28 years. He had a friend there who helped him. His life on the island was very hard. He had a lot of adventures there.

5. Once she fell asleep and in her dream she was in a wonderful country. She fell in the rabbit-hole and then she was falling and falling and suddenly found herself in a large strange room. She had a lot of adventures and met a lot of strange people and animals.


Тест №1.2.

1. Boy: Hello! Can you help me? I`d like to take a course here.

Woman: Of course. Could I have your name and your surname, please?

Boy: I`m Kolin Berth.

Woman: How do you spell your surname?

Boy: B-E-R-T-H.

Woman: Thank you. Which course would you like to do?

Boy: I`d like to learn French.

Woman: Very well. The next French course starts on the 7th of September.


2. Woman: Hello. Can I help you?

Man: Yes, I`d like some hot soup, please. Have you got mushroom soup?

Woman: Sorry, but not today.

Man: And what about tomato soup? I had it yesterday and it was tasty.

Woman: I`m afraid , we`ve got only chicken soup.

Man: I`ll have it if there is no choice.


3. Girl: I hate Information Technology.

Boy: But why?

Girl: I don`t understand anything and I often get bad marks.

Boy: It`s a long break now. We can go to our computer class and I`ll help you with your task.


4. Boy: Mum, are you going to watch your favourite comedy at 7 p.m.

Mum: Certainly, I am. Why do you ask?

Boy: I`d like to watch the football match. It`s at 7.30 p.m.

Mum: I`ll let you watch it if you do all your homework.

Boy: But I`ll have to do lots of tasks!

5. Woman: Hello. Can I help you?

Girl: Certainly. My puppy doesn`t want to eat or play. I think he is ill.

Woman: Does he sleep all the time? Is his nose hot?

Girl: I`m afraid, yes.

Woman: I can give you some medicine, but you`d better show your pet to the vet.


Тест №1.3.

1. I really like books, especially adventure books. They are so exciting. It`s great to travel with their characters to some wonderful lands. And I like fantasy books. Last week I finished “Hobbit”. It was really great!

2. Can you help me, please? I`d like a T-shirt for my nephew. He is 5 years old and he is fond of dinosaurs. Will you show me this blue one with a T-rex on it? I think he will like it.

3. It`s really great to visit new countries and meet new people. Every time when I think about my next trip I try to find places where I can find something new and exciting. And sitting in the plane and waiting for the trip to start – oh, it`s fantastic!

4. I liked him the first time I opened the box. He was so funny – with round blue eyes, long ears and a short tail.Now I walk with him every day. He likes to run after the ball and bring it to me.

5. It was very hot and spent much time at the seaside. I swam in the sea and collected sea-shells. There was an old castle near the sea. It had beautiful towers and I liked to go there with my friend. I think we`ll go there next summer.


Тест №1.4.

1. Man: Toy shop.

Ann: I`d like to buy a new game for my sister`s birthday.

Man: How old is she?

Ann: She is ten.

Man: We have got a game called “Start”. It`s a very interesting.

Ann: Is the game for one player or for more players?

Man: I think for two players or more.

Ann: Is it long?

Man: Yes, it takes a long time to play it.

Ann: I see. Thanks.


2. Harry: It`s Christmas Day soon.

Ben: Where would you like to spend it?

Harry: At home. With parents.

Ben: Did you buy presents for them?

Harry: Not yet. But a music CD and video would be O.K.


3. Tom: Hello, Maria. I`m glad to see you.

Maria: Hi, Tom. I`m glad to see you, too.

Tom: Oh! There are a lot of fruit and vegetables in your shopping bag. Let me help you.

Maria: Thanks, Tom. This pumpkin pie for Granny. It`s Thanksgiving, you know.


4. Daughter: Can we go home now?

Mother: I just want to look in one more shop.

Daughter: I`m tired. I can`t look at clothes any more. It`ll be our seventh shop.

Mother: But I need a new bright dress. Spring is in the air.

Daughter: John and I would like to have chocolate rabbits for Easter.

Mother: All right. We`ll buy them in the sweet shop on the way home.


5. Boy: Look! It`s a nice card, isn`t it?

Girl: Very nice. Is it for your father?

Boy: Yes, it`s for him, for Father`s Day. I didn`t buy it. I made it.


Тест №1.5.

1. Nancy: Hello! Sit down. What`s your name, please?

Man: Tom Brown.

Nancy: What`s the matter with you?

Man: I took an aspirin, but it didn`t help. I have a terrible headache and I`m hot.

Nancy: Let me take your temperature. The doctor will come in five minutes and he`ll examine you.


2. Girl: How nice and bright these pictures are!

Boy: They are not pictures.

Girl: What are they, then?

Boy: They are my brother`s photos.

Girl: He`a a real artist.


3. Interviewer: Younare one of the quickest players in your team, aren`t you?

Man: I`m trying to do my best.

Interviewer: Can you tell me a few words about your timetable?

Man: Why not. I get up at six o`clock in the morning and start jogging. I usually run five kilometers. Then I take a shower, have my healthy breakfast and run to the stadium. At the stadium we jump and run and play a game. After the game I run home.

Interviewer: I see.


4. Boy: What`s for dinner, Mum?

Mother: Soup and salad and fish.

Boy: Mum, where are my clean socks and a T-shirt?

Mother: They are in the drawer.

Boy: Mum, will you drive me to my football club at 6 o`clock.

Mother: Sure. As usual.

Boy: And what about my Maths? Will you help me with my home task?


5. Mr. White: Tommy, what is farther: Australia or the Moon?

Tommy: The Moon is.

Mr. White: Why do you think so?

Tommy: Because I can see the Moon at night but I can`t see Australia.


Ключи к заданиям

Раздел 1. Аудирование


Задание №1







































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