Статья Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку для 4 класса (УМК "Enjoy English"). Автор: Прудникова Анна Сергеевна

Автор: Прудникова Анна Сергеевна
Данный материал поможет проверить знания учащихся по 3 компетенциям(чтение, грамматика и письмо). Материал соответсвует возрастным особенностям и материалу УМК.

Автор: Прудникова Анна Сергеевна
Final Test 4th grade. Reading. Read the text and choose the correct variant: One Saturday evening it was very cold and rainy. My little brother Sam and I couldnt go for a walk. We stayed at home. My mum cooked tasty dinner. My dad cleaned the rooms. I helped him and repaired my bike. Only Sam had nothing to do. He didnt want to play with puzzles or go for a walk. He was sad. He asked me to play Lego, but I was busy. Mum said: I will give you my scissors (ножницы) and you can cut out pictures from my old magazines.” Sam liked to cut out pictures and he cut out a funny car, a tall house and an ad (реклама) of porridge. Then he saw a box with my new T-shirt. Yesterday mum bought a nice new T-shirt for my birthday. It was a beautiful red T-shirt with funny monsters on it. Sam wanted to cut only one monster. And he took the T-shirt and he did it! “It’s wonderful!” he said. He liked the monster a lot and began to cut out the others (другие). Suddenly I came into the room and saw my new T-shirt in Sam’s hands. I was angry. “That’s MY NEW T-SHIRT!” It was awful (ужасно)! Next day mum bought us new T-shirts with funny animals on them. We were happy!
Why was Sam sad?
He wanted to play puzzles.
He wanted to go for a walk. He wanted to play with his brother. Why was Sams brother angry? Sam cut out monsters from brothers T-shirt. Sam cut out a car from an old magazine. Sam cut out a T-shirt from a magazine. Put the sentences in the correct order: And he took the T-shirt and he did it! I was angry because it was my new T-shirt. The weather was bad. Sam was sad because everybody (все) was busy.
Sam liked to cut out pictures.
Open the brackets and put the verbs in the right form:
It was the first day at school. It (4 -be) nine o’clock. All the pupils (5 - be) in the classroom. After the bell (после звонка) Miss Chatter (6 - come) into the room. During the first lesson the pupils (7 - count) white rabbits and black kittens, then they (8 - read) funny story about fish and (9 - talk) about their pets. The pupils (10 - have) a good time. The second lesson was Art. Children (11 - draw) funny pictures with their coloured pencils. Next was Reading and they learned the poem about mother by heart. It was the last lesson and after Reading all the children (12 - go). They (13 – have) a lot of homework.
Write about your future holidays using these sentences:
We will go to …in July.
We will live in …
There will be a bedroom, … in the house.
We will have TV … in our room.
We will play ….
And we will have a good time!
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