Strategic challenges facing the University

Автор: Akimbaeva K. T.
The goal of becoming a leading country in the world is a response to global and internal challenges and, at the same time, a plan for the nation's entry into the top thirty developed countries in the new historical conditions. There is a shortage of highly qualified specialists in steadily developing sectors of the economy. Therefore, much attention is currently being paid to the introduction of innovative methods of education in a sovereign state, as well as entering the world educational space.

In deepening the reforms aimed at strengthening the country's scientific potential, transition to a knowledge-based economy, sustainable economic development and ensuring Kazakhstan's competitiveness in world markets, as well as addressing large-scale issues of socio-economic modernization, coordination of science and innovative development, increasing the competitiveness of the potential of specialists, improving and further developing the infrastructure of science, the teaching staff and students of al-Farabi Kazakh national University.

Автор: Akimbaeva K. T.
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