Автор: Akimbaeva K. T.
Education at the University is carried out in accordance with the Bologna reform, the credit system of education has fully entered into force, the carefree openness of the educational process, academic mobility of students, training of three – stage specialists in the form of "bachelor – master-PhD"is provided. At the new stage of development of the University, a new academic policy of al–Farabi Kazakh national University has been implemented, and a powerful corporate Intranet system of knowledge verification has been established.

In higher education institutions, measures are being implemented to modernize educational programs, including expanding the scope of professional competence. Measures for the formation and development of professional competence have been taken since Kazakhstan signed the Bologna Declaration in 2010. The Bologna Declaration on the formation of a single European educational space includes three main principles: competence-based approach, modular structure, and calculation of the volume of educational load in ECTS credits. To date, these principles are fully applied at the al-Farabi Kazakh national University.

Автор: Akimbaeva K. T.
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