Веселые минутки на уроках английского языка

Автор: Деодатова Анна Владимировна


Веселые минутки

Для организации благоприятного климата на уроках ан.языка, для более эффективного достижения  практических , общеобразовательных и развивающих целей , поддержания мотивации обучаемых

Релаксация – это расслабление  после напряженной умственной  деятельности . Цель ее – снять  напряжение  , дать  детям небольшой  отдых  вызвать  положительные  эмоции , хорошее настроение

Использовать различного рода ……..

Доводы об особой значимости анг.языка в настоящее время не помогают

Большинство детей будут учить язык если им интересно , при увлекательности и нестандартности занятий языком  ученики преодолевают  все: и зазубривание слов фразами , и понимание  сложного грамматического материала , и разговорное фразы с англ.интонацией


 Break 1.

Answer the questions

  1. Why was the computer cold? – It left its Windows open.
  2. What do the computer like to eat? –    Chips.
  3. What do the spider do on the computer? – Made a website!
  4. What is a cosmonaut’s  favourite key on the computer keyboard?  - The space bar.
  5. Why did the computer sneeze?  - It had a virus.
  6. What does  a baby computer call its father ? – data ( processor)



Break 2.


Tired after swimming  the river  Fred decided to get some sleep  but  the  boolles made  it impossible and even the smoke  from his camp  fire  didn’t keep them away.

What is a boolle ?

a.  wild animal

b. a giant  mosquito

c. a kind of noise

d. I don’t know



Break 3.

Match the questions  ( 1 to 8 )  to the answers  ( A to H )

1. What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries?

2. What eats but never swallows?

3. What can turn without moving ?

4. What can you put inside  a barrel  to make it lighter?

5. What can  you keep taking and  still  leave behind?

6. In what  place does Thursday  come  before Wednesday?

7. What can you se in the water that never gets wet?

8. What building  has the most stories?  

A.  footsteps

B.  milk

C. the dictionary

D. rust

E. a towel

F. the library

G. holes

H. your reflection


Answers :     1E, 2D(rust “eats” iron) , 3B, 4G, 5A, 6C, 7H, 8F







Break 4.

How many words  of 4 or more  letters can you make from these word-wheels?


1. O O L T C K P B


2. E E K D J N F R






3. E A Y G D R W B


4. O U M B H S G T







1. tool, took, book , boot, loop, look, cool, pool, cook

2. feed, freed, deer, jeer, reef, need, keen

3. gear, dear, year, bear, wear, read, bead, beard, bread

4. tough, bough, mouth, shout, bought






Break 5.

Quiz.  Are you a Good Friend ?

1. Your friend has not daone  the homework . What do you do ?

a. laugh  = 0  

b. let your friend copy   = 3 

c. tell the teacher  = 0 


2. It ’s  your friend birthday . Did you ….

a. buy a present  = 3

b. say “Happy Birthday “  - 1

c. forget    = 0


3. Your  friend has forgotten the luch . Do you …..

a. share yours   =3

b. eat yours  in from of  the friend  =0

c. let him /her money  = 1


4. Your  friend calls or texts you while  you are watching  your favourite TV programme .  Do you ….

a. ignore the message   = 3

b. chat to your friend  =3

c. tell them  to call later   = 1


5. You get a very good mark in school  test  and your friend gets a bad mark. What do you do ?

a. help him / her  in the next test   = 3

b. say your friend is  stupid = 0

c.  say  never mind  = 1


6. You are playing football  and your friend  falls  over . What do you do ?

a. run on and score  a goal  = 0

stop and help your friend  = 3

c. kick  the ball  out   = 1


7. If you borrow  money  off a friend  do you …..

a. forget  to pay  it back  = 0

b. give  it back  after a while  = 1

c. give  it back  as soon as possible  = 3


8.  A boy / girl  you don’t know very well  drops  their  school  bag.  Do you …..

a. help him / her  to pick  it up  = 3

b. kick the bag  = 0

ignore it  = 0


9. Your best friend  is on holiday for 3 weeks . Do you …

a. text every day   = 3

b. find  another friend  = 0

c. not think  of your  friend  = 0


10 . How many friends do you have ?

a. hundreds  = 0

b. a big  group  of friends  = 1

c. a few special friends  = 3


Now calculate  your points to find out if you are a good friend !

24 – 30 points      You are  a very good friend!

20 – 23 points      You are quite  nice  to your friends  but could help them more !

12 – 19 points      You could  be  a  much better  friend  if you tried !

1 – 11 points         Have you got  any friends ?           



Break 6.



  1. Шекспир англ.поэт или музыкант?
  2. Эмили Дикенсон – поэт амер. или англ.?
  3. Как называют жителей Ирландии?
  4. Как называют жителей Шотландии?
  5. На каком языке говорят а Америке?
  6.  Как называют шотландскую овчарку?
  7. Столица США?
  8. Столица Англии?
  9. Джеймс Кук исследователь или пират
  10. Кем работала Мэри Поппинс?
  11. Кто Эдди Мерфи по профессии?
  12. Родина футбола?
  13. Что производит Британская компания «Роллс-Ройс»?
  14. Джон Леннон , Джордж Харрисон , Ринго Стар , Пол Маккартни  . А вместе ? 
  15. Что изобрел Грэхэм Белл?
  16. Что можно делать а день Гая Фокса без опасения  быть  наказанным ? ( Жечь костры )

    Break 7.   Do you know that ….

    80% of all information in the world’s computers is in English

    75% of the world’s letters and faxes  are in English

    60% of all international telephone calls  are made  in English

    More than 60% of all scientific journals are written in English



    Break 8.   Magic Numbers

    30,00 – 600,000   There were only 30,000 words in Old English . Modern English has the largest vocabulary in the world nowadays  - more than 600,000 words . ( About 450 – 500  words  are added to the English vocabulary  every year )


    21,728      The largest English-language dictionary is the  20  -  volume Oxford English Dictionary , with 21,728 pages


    126 + 58   The most overworked word in English is the verb “set” . It has 126 verbal uses  and 58 noun uses

    45            The largest word in the English language  is  “pneumonoultamicrospicsilicovolcanoconiosis “ ( a lung disease )  with 45 letters in it.




    Break 9. Russian words in English

    balalaika     bistro    bliny   cosmonaut   dacha    intelligentsia    steppe   taiga   perestroika   tsar   tundra   pogrom   rouble   samovar   sputnik   duma   troika   subotnik   troika  vodka   sarafan



    Break 10

    A Story about punctuation.

    Punctuation can often say quite a lot .

    One day , as a teacher  walked into the classroom  , she heard Tommy Andrews  whisper  to the boy next to him.: “ Here is the teacher. I’ll bet the silly cow is going  to talk  about  putting  in commas. The teacher said nothing but began to talk about  putting commas  and explained how important  they could be.  To show  what she meant  she wrote  the sentence on the blackboard. “ Tommy Andrews says the teacher is a silly cow.  The class laughed  and Tommy Andrews looked very red. “ Now “ said the teacher “ I’ll show you how important commas are “  She put  two commas  into the sentence  and it now read  “ Tommy Andrews , says the teacher ,  is a silly cow”


    Now the task : Put the commas to these sentences

    1. King Charles  the First walked and talked half an hour after his head was cut off.

    2. Ceasar entered on his head his helmet  on his feet his sandals in his hand his good sword in his eyes a fierce look.



    Break 11.

    In other letters.

    Just imagine that the word “potato” could be spelled as “GH-OUGH-BT-EIGH-BT-EAU’

    gh – as in hiccough ( pronounced like [p])

    ough as in thou8gh ([ou])

    bt  as in debt ([t])

    eigh as in neighbour ([ei])

    eau as in bureau ([eu])


    Break 12.

    Beware! “ ough’ can be pronounced in eight different ways . The following sentences contains  them all

    A rough-coated , dough-faced ploughman strode through the streets of Scarborough, coughing and hiccoughing thoughtfully

    If you do not believe – consult the dictionary.



    Break 13.

    Do you know?

    • In English, the names of all the continents end with the same letter that they start with : Europe, Asia, America…etc
    • Canada is a Native American word with the meaning “Big Village “
    • The world’s longest place  name is  Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg, the name  of a lake in Webster, USA. It’s a Native American word


    Break 14. Competition

    Forming words

    From the letters ELFA we can make the word LEAF. From each set of letters  given make a word.























    Break 15. 

    Odd Man Out  ( третий лишний, игрок ,оставшийся без пары )

    Here are two lists of words . In each list there is one word which does not belong in the list . Can you find the odd words?

    APPLE   CHERRY   BANANA   STRAWBERRY   PEAR   ONION ( onion – a vegetable )

    RIVER   LAKE   SEA   MOUNTAIN   OCEAN   STREAM   ( mountain – is not water )


    Break 16.

    A Riddle.

    A man was once  driving a black lorry . His lights  were not on. The moon was not out. A lady was crossing  the street . how did  the man see the woman ?

    Answer :  It was a bright , sunny day.


    Break 17. 

    A Riddle .

    There is  a house with four walls. Each wall faces south. There is a window  in each wall.  A bear  walks  by one  of the windows.  What colour is the bear?

    Answer : White . If  all the  walls face  south , the house is at the north pole , and the  bear could be only  a polar bear.


    Break 18.

    7 Curious Questions  for the wittiest pupils.

    1. What didn’t Adam and Eva have  that everyone  else in the worlds has had?  (  Answer : Parents )
    2. Can you name  five days  of the week  without saying : Monday , Tuesday , Wednesday , Thursday , Friday ?  ( Answer : the day before yesterday , yesterday, today , tomorrow, the after tomorrow)
    3. What doesn’t exits but has a name ?   ( Answer : Nothing )
    4. Almost everybody  needs it,  asks it,  gives it ,  but nobody  takes it . What is it ?  ( Answer : Advice )
    5. If a six children  and two dogs  were under one umbrella , how  come none  of them got wet?  ( Answer : Because  it was not raining)
    6. Do you say “ Nine and five  is thirteen  or Nine and five are thirteen? “ ( Answer :  Neither . Nine and five  are fourteen )
    7. What has 2 arms , 2 wings , 2 tails , 3 heads , 3 bodies  and 8 legs? ( Answer :  a man  on a horse  holding  a chicken)


    Break 19.

    Limerick Day.

    May 12th is  Limerick Day. It celebrates the birthday of one  of the world’s greatest limerick-writers, Edward Lear ( 1812-1888). And , of course ,  it also celebrates  limerick poems.  A limerick  is made  of five lines. The first , the second and the fifth  lines rhyme  with one another. The third  line  rhyme  with the fourth.

    And one more information. Limerick is the third largest city in Ireland.


    There was a young lady, whose nose ,

    Was so long that it reached to her toes;

    So she hired an Old Lady ,

    Whose conduct  was steady,

    To carry that wonderful nose.



    There was a young lady of Niger

    Who smiled as she rode on a tiger

    They returned from the ride

    With the lady inside

    And the smile on the face of the tiger.




    Выезжали три смелые леди

    Выезжали на белом медведе

    Возвращались все три

    У медведя внутри

    И улыбка на морде медведя

                                   ( С. Я. Маршак)


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