Статья WELCOME TO LONDON . Автор: Василенко Полина Андреевна

Автор: Василенко Полина Андреевна
Задания для школьников по теме Лондон

Автор: Василенко Полина Андреевна



Read and translate the text.

One can`t describe the country without mentioning its capital. London, the capital of Great Britain, is one of the largest cities in the world. It's a big port and major industrial, commercial center. About 8 million people live here. London is very ancient and was founded at the time of the Roman Empire. It was never planned. London is situated upon both banks of the Thames.

The most important parts of London are the City, the East End, the West End and the Westminster. The City, the birthplace of London, is only one square mile in area. It is a business district. The most important firms and banks have offices there. A great gothic St. Paul's Cathedral is the City's greatest monument. The ancient Tower - the King's residence, a prison and later a museum is situated here, too.

The West End is the western part of London. Here there are most interesting buildings: theatres, movie houses, museums, picture galleries, shops, offices and lovely gardens.

Westminster with its government buildings is the next part of London. There one can see the Westminster Palace, the Westminster Abbey, and the Clock Tower with great bell - Big Ben.

The East End is the eastern part of London. The East End is the poorest part of the city, most inhabited by factory workers. There are no big parks or gardens there.

London has many great and wonderful sights. There are many beautiful buildings, and among them are the Houses of Parliament, the Bank of England, and the British Museum. There are many squares and parks in the city. Hyde Park is the largest of public parks. Londoners spend a lot of time there.

London streets are narrow with a lot of vehicles. Red double - decker buses, lorries, vans, taxis, private cars ride up and down the streets. And the city with so much traffic seems a little noisy and overcrowded. The city surprises and attracts foreigners. It's very old and full of historical associations, full of customs and traditions. It's worth visiting and seeing.

Indicate true or false statements:

1. Hyde Park is the least of public parks.

2. The East End is the poorest part of the city.

3. The city surprises and attracts foreigners.

4. There are many banks and firms in the West End.

5. London streets are broad with a lot of vehicles.

6. The city seems a little overcrowded.

Compose questions and answer them:

1. has, The, transport, not, has, facilities, city, it?

2. London, of, What, population, is, the?

3. parts, the, two, divided, or, city, into, Is, five?

4. there, public, in, Are, or, London, private, parks?

5. Is, centre, East, the, of, End, London, the?

6. seeing, London, is, it, not, worth, is?



Decipher and guess famous places of London.

a) 20,8,5; 14,1,13,5; 18,5,6,5,18,19; 20,15; 20,8,5; 15,2,10,5,3,20; 8,21,14,7; 23,9,20,8,9,14; 20,8,5; 20,15,23,5,18.

b) 20,8,5; 3,8,21,18,3,8; 23,1,19; 18,5,2,21,9,12,20; 1,6,20,5,18; 20,8,5; 7,18,5,1,20; 6,9,18,5; 15,6; 12,15,14,4,15,14.

c) 20,8,9,19; 6,1,13,15,21,19; 2,21,9,12,4,9,14,7; 23,1,19; 1; 16,18,9,19,15,14.

d) 20,15; 6,9,14,4; 20,8,5; 16,12,1,3,5; 6,15,18; 20,8,5; 15,2,10,5,3,20; 1,18,3,8,9,20,5,3,20,19; 4,18,5,23; 1; 3,9,18,3,12,5; 1,18,15,21,14,4; 12,15,14,4,15,14

e) 20,8,5; 16,5,18,19,15,14,1,12; 6,12,1,7; 15,6; 20,8,5; 17,21,5,5,14; 6,12,21,20,20,5,18,19; 15,22,5,18; 20,8,9,19; 2,21,9,12,4,9,14,7.

f) 20,8,18,5,5; 20,9,13,5,19; 3,12,15,19,5,4; 9,20; 9,19; 15,16,5,14; 20,15; 20,8,5; 16,21,2,12,9,3; 1,7,1,9,14.

Unscramble the names of sights and match them.

1. knucamhB cePaal

2. igB enB

3. ehT ononLd yEe

4. taniS uaPls theaCdarl

5. ebloG heaTtre

6. weroT fO onLdon