Статья Самоконтроль. Автор: Елисеева Лариса Борисовна

Автор: Елисеева Лариса Борисовна
Тест на повторение для 6 класса

Автор: Елисеева Лариса Борисовна

Контрольная работа по английскому языку на повторение, 6 класс (УМК «Spotlight»)


 1. Поставьте правильные формы в пропуски: do/does/don’t /doesn’t

a) .… you need my book? b) …… a lion eat leaves?

c) .……. Helen take the bus? d) She ………..like to sing.


2. Вычеркните лишнее слово из логического ряда:

a) Maths, Science, Thursday, Physical Education, Technology

b) sharpener, notebook,  pencil case, umbrella, ruler

c) bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, furniture

d) budgie, tortoise, cat, goat, guinea pig

3. Соотнесите страну и национальность:

1 the UK


2 the USA


3 Canada


4 Australia


5 France


6 Japan


7 Italy


8 Russia




4.Образуйте множественное число существительных: watch ball glass lady child woman


5. Выберите правильное местоимение:

a) This is my brother. Look at …..(he/him)

b) Susan is my best friend. I can tell …..all my secrets. (she/her)

c) ….. grandpa is very funny.(my/me)

d) My room is large, …… is larger.


6. Выберите правильную временную форму:

a) Lara always ….at 7 o’clock. (get up, gets up, got up)

b) Look! He ….a car. (repairs, repair, is repairing)

c) Dolphins ….with one eye open. (sleeps/sleep/is sleeping)

d) What …..she doing? (does/is/ can)

e) Dennis can sing but he…..draw. (isn’t/can’t/ can)

f) There’s a sofa in my room but there …..any chairs. (isn’t/aren’t/ are)


8. Reading «Emus».  Answer  the questions.


Emus are very large birds. They live in Australia. They are very tall. They can’t fly but they can run very fast. They live for nearly 30 years. They eat leaves, fruit and insects and they drink a lot of water. They also like sitting in the mud (грязь).

a) Where do emus live? b) How many years do they live?

c) What do they eat and drink? d) What do they like?



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